Saturday, 21 January 2012

First Impressions

After a week in the Skillshare International Guesthouse in Mbabane, Hannah, Nazia, and I have now settled down in our flat in Manzini - have had the first induction day at our placement, and are now tasking ourselves with finding our way around the city and attempting to stay within the allowance that we are provided with before starting work properly on Monday. The guesthouse is spacious and fairly modern, and well beyond anything that we could possibly have been expecting as we approached and prepared for it. On the outskirts of Mbabane, it is either an hour's walk or a short combi ride to the centre (await a separate post on the experience of combis later on), and we went into the centre several times throughout. Manzini, where we are now, is much louder and more bustling, but still goes incredibly quiet at night and it is best to stay inside.

Now we are settled, I should be in a position to post more on our time here and different aspects of what we have discovered. Characteristically, my laptop has broken now that we have found a ready source of wifi (a pizza place, apparently the 'fastest wifi in Manzini') and so I'll have to go for now.

Best wishes to everyone :)


  1. Glad to see you're settling in. Hope you're having a great time. I'll be eagerly waiting to learn of the mysterious combis!

  2. It's cool to read this blog, keep it up mate. How's the weather? Joe